More excuses that an all you can eat buffet

Some of us are or know people who can give you more excuses on why they can’t do something instead of doing what they know they should be doing. Myself like a lot of other people desire to have an abundance of money so that I can live a comfortable life. I heard a saying once that you can have a million excuses but not one good reason. That is something we should all think about. Are we just having excuses on why not to do something and we think that we actually have a reason. We all have heard stories about people who did have actual reasons why they couldn’t do something but instead of using it as a crutch they did exactly what they weren’t supposed to do and it turned out great. Helen Keller was deaf and blind but was able to become an author, lecturer, political activist and even earn a bachelors’ degree. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb only had three months of official schooling and also had a hearing problem as well. Everyday we can hear someone using some form of excuse for why they don’t have the life they want or don’t have the finances that every person deserves. I grew up in a single parent household with two other siblings. Not once did I hear my mom say she couldn’t do something or ever tell us that we couldn’t do something. My kids are not allowed to say the word can’t. They can do anything they set their minds to.


There are a variety of restaurants to choose from to eat at when you get hungry and sometimes the task of choosing one takes a while. That is how some people are with excuses. They can pick from a long list of choices as to why they can’t do something. I was flipping through the TV channels late one night and I caught an episode of Joyce Meyer. She was talking about having excuses in our lives. She said something that has stuck with me for a long time. She said that we all have a reason why we do things or feel a certain way but do not let that be an excuse to continue doing them.

At some point in time in our childhood I think almost everyone read the story of “The Little Engine That Could.” At every obstacle he said I think I can, I think I can. He never once said I don’t have enough time in the day, or I got kids or any other excuse we can come up with today. Stop coming up with the buffet of excuses for not living the life you want and start doing something about it. It’s as simple as starting the day with I think I can, I think I can.

Dreams Fade Away

You ever have a really vivid dream where you can taste the goodness and smell the aromas but when you wake up you can barely remember half the details but you know it was a good dream. That is how life is. We can have all of the dreams we want in our heads but if we never act on them they just fade away. Dreams and goals are two different things. We can have dreams all day but if we do not turn our dreams into goals we will never accomplish anything. Have you ever heard someone say one day. One day I’m going to do or have or one day this and that. One day never comes. When is one day. I may not be the smartest man in the world but when I check my calender I have never seen one day on there. Majority of us get up every morning to an alarm of some type so that we can get our day started. I know without my alarm I wouldn’t get out of bed. We tell ourselves we need to get up at a certain time and we make sure we do by setting an alarm. Making goals is like setting an alarm. We are telling ourselves when we want to accomplish something. We are saying my one day is and setting an actual date to it. I hit the snooze button a lot. I modify the time that I should be getting up. Goals are the same way. If we don’t reach a certain goal by the date we set it is okay to modify it to make sure that we still reach it. As long as we just dream and put nothing in to place we will have nothing. Dreams do nothing but fade away.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

Borrow Responsibly

When I was kid my mom had me go to our neighbors house to borrow some butter. The butter was in a container and I didn’t look in it on the way home. As we sat down to eat my mom opened the container of butter and roaches started to come out. That may seem disgusting but I tell you this so that you can understand the point I am going to make. Sometimes in life we borrow things such as money or take out loans and we don’t pay attention to what we are getting into. If we are to borrow money for something we at least know what we are borrowing the money for. We should also know the terms and conditions related to the money we are borrowing. I was always told that if you can’t pay it back then you shouldn’t borrow. That is good advice. If you borrow something than you should understand before you even borrow if you have the means to repay the borrowed assets. I know when it comes to contracts that the terminology is always a little hard to understand. If I were to go to a doctor and have a surgery I would like to understand the circumstances involved be it the risks and benefits. I’m not just going to let the doctor cut me open and hope to see what happens later. That is how a lot of people are when it comes to our finances and borrowing. We don’t take the time to understand and learn about what is happening. I remember when I was looking at which credit card to get that one of them offered a 9.9% APR but if I was late on one payment then it would change to 24.99%. As long as I was never late then I would have nothing to worry about. Life happens and sometimes things like being late on a credit card payment happens. That’s when something like a really low interest rate turns into an outrageous one and something like that could have been avoided if we just take the time to pay attention to what we are signing.

Dinner wasn’t an easy one after opening that container of butter and having roaches crawl out. We managed to kill them all and decided to have something else to eat. If we are not responsible and pay attention to what and how we borrow life will give us roaches too. If we are careful and responsible about how we borrow we can avoid getting roaches in our lives. Please borrow responsibly.

Planning to Fail

Since this is my very first post on my website I wanted to make it special. When I was growing up I had a very special man in my life who dedicated some extra time to me to show me how to live. My dad spent most of his life in prison so I didn’t have him as an example or a role model. This very special man was my mentor. He would often say things to me that I couldn’t fully grasp or comprehend. It would take a long time for these things to settle in. He said to me on numerous occasions that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. I often thought about this many times and never quite grasped it. The problem today is that many people don’t understand this either. I know now what my mentor meant when he said this.

Everyday majority of people wake up and they are living a life that they are not truly happy with. One of the main causes for not truly being happy with life is because of the job that they spend so much time at they do not like. This job has made plans for their lives. What time you get up, when you eat, how much time you spend with love ones, when you go on vacation and more is all determined by this job. As a child we all had this dream of what being an adult was going to be like. Then life sets in and we change our dreams. The problem is that when we changed our dreams we stopped planning our lives. When you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Another way of stating this is that if you don’t make plans for your life then someone else will make plans for you. Think about that for a moment. This is true for most people lives. When we stop making our own plans for our lives someone else starts making plans for us.

I personally don’t like having someone tell what to do let alone direct my life in the decisions I make. We were born with free will and the choice to make our own decisions. The problem is once we stop making plans to how our lives are suppose to go then someone else decides things for us. Scroll through your Facebook feed and everyday most people are complaining about something in their lives.  These people have stopped making their own plans for their lives. Today is the day to start taking action and making changes. Today is the day that we decide to start planning our lives for ourselves and stat taking accountability. Stop failing to plan and start planning the life that you deserve.